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Sim cards in Vietnam

By 02/05/2017 Tips

Nowadays, with the increasing of smartphones and other communication devices, the connection with other people is unmissable. When we are in our home country, that is no problem with this because of local sim with cheap data price. But that is a big problem when you go abroad, many people including me get a shock-bill of data usage when comeback home town after visit. So what is the solution of this problem? Today, I am going to show how you keep in touch with your friends and family while travel in Vietnam.


From the time you are in Vietnam, you will worry-less about the wifi connection. There are quite a lot of wifi hotspots in Vietnam, you can catch the wifi signal from cafe shops, hotels, walking streets, buses, airports, railway stations or even an iced tea shop on the sidewalk. But if you go far from the city central, the wifi hotspots will decrease in the rural area.

Cafe Lam

Sim cards

There are 5 mobile operators: Vinaphone (4G – LTE), Mobifone (4G – LTE), Viettel (4G – LTE), Vietnamobile (3G), Gmobile (2G) in Vietnam. And the biggest operatior is Viettel mobile with the 4G signal strong and wide coverage. You should worry less about price of data in Vietnam because the mobile operators provide quite a lot of data and calling packages and the data price is very cheap with just only $3.5 (70,000 vnd) for the unlimited data package in 30 days – First 600 mb in high speed, after that the speed will reduce to 2.5G or $10 (200,000 vnd) for 10Gb data in 4G speed in 30 days – including a phone number and international calling. You can buy in airport boxes, or in the located store, register your sim by using your passport and you can enjoy it.

Buying sim card in the airport

In other hand, you can buy sim card in local store, the advantage of buying in local store is you might not need to register your sim because the retailer has been already done it and you have chance to using sim like local people with long period of using.


To have more autonomy, flexibility and certainty in traveling, I strongly recommend for using both simcard and wifi while travel in Vietnam.